1 BERDYAEV, NICOLAS. The Russian Idea. Translated from the Russian by R. M. French. London: Geoffrey Bles, The Centenary Press, 233—35, 246—47. Reprint, n.p.: Lindisfarne, 1992 (revised edition of the translation with an index).

English translation of 1946.1.

2 PELLEGRINI, ALESSANDRO. Incontri in Europa. Milan: Garzanti, 48—55, 126—45.

In Italian. Includes two sections on Ivanov. The first is a reprint of 1940.4 with an additional final section. The second, “Venceslao Ivanov e dell’Umanesimo,” dated 1934, is a substantially revised and expanded version of 1933.13. In addition to discussing Ivanov’s view of culture and humanism, drawing on Perepiska iz dvukh uglov [A correspondence from two corners] and relating his ideas to various European philosophers and to Goethe, it also comments on his late essays on humanism and religion (1934) and on Petrarch (1932).

3 SCHULTZE, BERNARDO. “Pensatori russi di fronte a Cristo: Venceslao Ivanov.” Humanitas (Brescia), Year 2, no. 12 (December): 1139—48.

In Italian. Outlines Ivanov’s development as a religious thinker. Defends him against the charge of equating Christ with Dionysus. Sees his conversion to Roman Catholicism as part of his yearning for unity. Draws heavily on Deschartes (1933.5) and Golenishchev-Kutuzov (1930.4). Reprinted with minor changes: 1949.15. For a German translation, see Schultze, 1950.5.

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In Czech. Teichmann’s translation of the cycle (first published as Zimní sonety: 1920. n.p.: Stará Říše na Moravĕ, 1937) is reprinted in this booklet with illustrations and an afterword by the translator that provides an outline of Ivanov’s life and a short characterization of the cycle. The booklet carries no date on the title page; the year is taken from the catalogue of the Russian State Library in Moscow.