1 DOBUZHINSKII, M. “Vstrechi s pisateliami i poetami” [Meetings with writers and poets]. Novyi zhurnal, no. 11: 282—96.

In Russian. The first section of the memoirs of Mstislav Dobuzhinskii (1875—1957) is entitled “Viacheslav Ivanov i ‘bashnia’” [Viacheslav Ivanov and the “tower”] (pp. 282—86). Dobuzhinskii, an artist and member of the “Mir iskusstva” group, began to teach with Bakst from the autumn of 1906 at the art school of E. Zvantseva, located below Ivanov’s flat in the tower, and attended by Sabashnikova and Guro. Describes Ivanov’s charm as a conversationalist, Zinov’eva-Annibal in her robes, the Wednesday gatherings at the tower (a little theatre), and the police raid of Ivanov’s flat at the end of 1906. Dobuzhinskii worked on the cover designs of various books by Ivanov and Zinov’eva-Annibal produced by Ivanov’s publishing house, “Ory.” Later sections of the memoirs on Sologub, Remizov, Kuzmin, and Blok include passing references to Ivanov and life at the tower. Reprinted: 1976.3, 1987.4 (with notes).

2 KATANIAN, V. Maiakovskii: Literaturnaia khronika [Maiakovskii: A literary chronology]. Moscow: Sovetskii pisatel’, 53—54.

In Russian. Records Maiakovskii’s reading of his poem “Chelovek” [Man] in January 1918 at an evening devoted to the meeting of poets of two generations held in the flat of the poet Amari (the pseudonym of Mikhail Tsetlin). Among those present were Bal’mont, Baltrushaitis, Belyi, Ivanov, Burliuk, Khodasevich, Pasternak, and Tsvetaeva. Ivanov opened the evening with a speech. Quotes contemporary newspaper accounts of the event from 1918 and 1919 (Aseev’s interview with Burliuk). Reprinted: 1948.6; 1956.2 (with further materials); 1985.6 (with further materials). See Aseev, 1919.1.

3 LANDSMAN, L. Introduction to Nihilisme of traditionalisme: Brieven van den eenen hoek naar den anderen [Nihilism or traditionalism: Letters from one corner to another], by M. O. Gersjenson and Vj. Ivanov. Authorized translation with an introduction by L. Landsman. Series: Keurbibliotheek. Bruges and Brussels: De Kinkhoren, 7—11.

In Dutch. Introduces the Dutch translation of Perepiska iz dvukh uglov [A correspondence from two corners] and Ivanov’s letters to Du Bos and Pellegrini. Quotes a letter in French from Ivanov to Landsman, dated 29 November 1937, in which Ivanov draws his attention to his letter to Pellegrini, published in Il Convegno (1933), but asks him to use the definitive German version published in Corona (1937, Year VII, no. 1, pp. 94—108) if he should decide to translate it. The translation of the book was carried out in 1938.